20+ Year Congressman Retires Following Educator's Candidacy

NEW JERSEY (11/7/17) - An advocate for progress, the power of the people, and challenging partisanship, Sean A. Thom of Cumberland County announces his candidacy to run in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary. The Democratic Primary will be held on June 5, 2018. Representative LoBiondo’s retirement is long past due and Sean Thom is ready to fill this role to make the American Dream accessible for ALL.

sat-20-year-candidacy.pngSean, who is truly committed to the foundation of public servitude, plans to take on our regressive, reactionary political climate and will fight to put our future, our students and children, first. Like you, Sean is angry and is ready to hold those with power to make a difference accountable. As a leader in education, Sean has seen the challenges and opportunities that our schools have to offer. Class Warfare continues to drive the student debt crisis and Sean has the solution with 3 basic principles:

1. Protecting students from predatory lending and forgiving student debt
2. Providing affordable college tuition WITHOUT debt
3. Setting equal standards across public schools

To quote Sean, “For too long, our government has placed party over people and Americans have been left behind. I have seen firsthand in my district how our needs are neglected and how we suffer.” Our district has been misrepresented for too long. We have the lowest undergrad % of all congressional districts in our state at 25.3%. Now more than ever we need to take this opportunity to elect a true representative.

“I am here to stand with my district and every American and demand that our politicians act in the best interest of the people. There are more than 325 million of us who are represented by 535 individuals. Our elected officials must represent us and our best interests.”

Americans deserve better than career politicians and milquetoast candidates. Our country needs public officials to bring ideas and work to solve problems for the good of ALL the people. Sean A. Thom is ready to stand for these ideals and the truths our forefathers held to be self-evident. Are you?