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Why I'm Running

As a proud American, New Jerseyian, educator, husband, and father, I am running for United States House to put the power of government back in the hands of citizens. Our district needs a Representative who represents our voice. We need a leader we can trust to rival injustice, advocate for quality education and healthcare, and fight the hardships that impact our district with knowledge and compassion. This is how we create real change and put our future first.

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Our Future First

Education Reform

To prepare our children for the future, there must be substantial investment in education from pre-K through college. We need to shift paradigms in K-12 education, secure debt-free college, and reform and forgive student loans to ensure that all children have an equal and equitable chance to thrive.

Medicare for All

The backbone of every nation is a healthy population. Without a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy country, we cannot expect to compete globally. Healthcare is a right and it is our responsibility to guarantee affordable insurance coverage for every American.

Fiscal Responsibility

To close the wealth gap and ensure the growth of our working class, we must commit to being fiscally responsible. To accomplish this, we will close corporate tax loopholes, lower tax rates for the average American, and rein in government spending on unnecessary programs.

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About Sean

Born and raised in Cumberland County, New Jersey, Sean has grown his career and family from his native district. Sean again resides in the same county with his wife and their two young sons. Sean currently serves as an administrator at a school in Camden, NJ, where he focuses on the growth & development of teachers and building social & emotional skills with students. A Rutgers University graduate, Sean studied Communications. He later completed a graduate degree at the University of Scranton in Educational Administration and has spent almost a decade working in education.

As a result of connecting with people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs, Sean has learned how to listen and represent the interests of everyone. In order to help unite parents and educators, Sean is adept at innovating to solve problems.

As the next Congressman for New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District, Sean promises to apply the most effective policies to influence collective growth positively. We must give power back to the people. ALL people. This is how we place our future first.

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