Open Letter to Democratic National Committee From Congressional Candidate

Dear DNC Chair Tom Perez & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison,

We can agree, too many nationally elected officials put corporate interest over the interests of our people. Our fellow Americans are tired of politicians who bend to the will of corporate donors and special interest. This is evident in polls and vocal dissent. Unfortunately, our party is not immune to politicians influenced by cronyism.

17 People Never Came Home

Losing one of your students is hard. Losing one of your children is unfathomable. But, here we are, the day after another school shooting in our country that resulted in the death of 17 high school children and school staff. The 18th school shooting in our nation in 45 days.

To Impeach, Or Not to Impeach

The United States House of Representatives recently voted on whether or not to allow an effort for impeachment of the 45th President of the United States to continue at this time. In response to this it should be made clear that whereas Donald J. Trump’s actions and behavior is clearly unbecoming of the office of which he holds, it is critical to give deference to the rule of law and await the forthcoming findings of the independent investigation headed by Robert Mueller.

"Our Revolution" Speech - Sean A. Thom for Congress

20+ Year Congressman Retires Following Educator's Candidacy

NEW JERSEY (11/7/17) - An advocate for progress, the power of the people, and challenging partisanship, Sean A. Thom of Cumberland County announces his candidacy to run in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary. The Democratic Primary will be held on June 5, 2018. Representative LoBiondo’s retirement is long past due and Sean Thom is ready to fill this role to make the American Dream accessible for ALL.

Sean A. Thom for U.S. House of Representatives - Launch Video