The United States House of Representatives recently voted on whether or not to allow an effort for impeachment of the 45th President of the United States to continue at this time. In response to this it should be made clear that whereas Donald J. Trump’s actions and behavior is clearly unbecoming of the office of which he holds, it is critical to give deference to the rule of law and await the forthcoming findings of the independent investigation headed by Robert Mueller.

While I am equally outraged by the behavior and conduct of Donald J. Trump, we must respect the Constitution, despite Trump’s own lack of respect for the document and our values. Impeachment should come based on full review of evidence and Special Counsel findings. It would be a waste of time and resources to proceed without strong evidence to earn warranted bipartisan support. Impeachment will not happen without irrefutable facts so clear - they will garner Republican acknowledgment and votes to succeed.

Let there be no mistake about this. An impeachment is a painful process which divides, and must only be used in the most severe circumstances. The Republican Party has turned a blind eye to even the most horrific allegations against Donald J. Trump. While unfortunate, this mandates clear and undeniable evidence. I believe this evidence will be forthcoming, regarding Donald J. Trump’s actions throughout the 2016 campaign and his tenure in the White House. However, we must ensure that once begun, justice is clear and swift, so the healing process may begin without delay and we may restore the power to the American people.


Dear DNC Chair Tom Perez & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison,

We can agree, too many nationally elected officials put corporate interest over the interests of our people. Our fellow Americans are tired of politicians who bend to the will of corporate donors and special interest. This is evident in polls and vocal dissent. Unfortunately, our party is not immune to politicians influenced by cronyism.

We were concerned about the candidacy of New Jersey State Senator Jeff Van Drew for New Jersey’s Second Congressional District. Not because it would bring additional competition to the race - competition helps spur innovation and give the people a real choice - but because Jeff Van Drew has shown time and time again he is not a Democrat; instead, he is a career politician who does not espouse the values of our party.

Van Drew has voted against marriage equality as recently as 2010. Van Drew did not vote on a bill that would prohibit transgender discrimination in schools. Van Drew has voted against stricter gun laws for aggressors in cases of domestic violence and was endorsed by the NRA in 2017. Van Drew voted against ensuring protections for immigrant students while in school and went as far as voting against a motion to condemn Donald Trump’s unconstitutional immigration executive orders.

These egregious votes were all made with Van Drew claiming to be a Democrat. Now he plans to run for the House of Representatives on our party’s ticket?

This is not a case of “change of heart” - Jeff Van Drew has served over a decade as a “Democrat” in New Jersey politics, but his votes state otherwise. Van Drew is not a “conservative” Democrat - he is an NRA-backed Republican. His positions directly oppose so many facets of our party platform - just to name a few Van Drew has acted in strong opposition to “fixing our broken immigration system”, “guaranteeing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights”, and “preventing gun violence”. His votes over the course of his political career do not reflect values that are shared by the Democratic Party and are candidly, abhorrent.

As we the people work to move the country forward, we must reject self-interested politicians in favor of true public servants. We ask you to carefully review his votes and consider whether a candidate with such poor positions is qualified for the Democratic ticket.

Very truly yours,

Sean A. Thom & the Democratic Constituents of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District

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NEW JERSEY (11/7/17) - An advocate for progress, the power of the people, and challenging partisanship, Sean A. Thom of Cumberland County announces his candidacy to run in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary. The Democratic Primary will be held on June 5, 2018. Representative LoBiondo’s retirement is long past due and Sean Thom is ready to fill this role to make the American Dream accessible for ALL.

Sean, who is truly committed to the foundation of public servitude, plans to take on our regressive, reactionary political climate and will fight to put our future, our students and children, first. Like you, Sean is angry and is ready to hold those with power to make a difference accountable. As a leader in education, Sean has seen the challenges and opportunities that our schools have to offer. Class Warfare continues to drive the student debt crisis and Sean has the solution with 3 basic principles:

1. Protecting students from predatory lending and forgiving student debt
2. Providing affordable college tuition WITHOUT debt
3. Setting equal standards across public schools

To quote Sean, “For too long, our government has placed party over people and Americans have been left behind. I have seen firsthand in my district how our needs are neglected and how we suffer.” Our district has been misrepresented for too long. We have the lowest undergrad % of all congressional districts in our state at 25.3%. Now more than ever we need to take this opportunity to elect a true representative.

“I am here to stand with my district and every American and demand that our politicians act in the best interest of the people. There are more than 325 million of us who are represented by 535 individuals. Our elected officials must represent us and our best interests.”

Americans deserve better than career politicians and milquetoast candidates. Our country needs public officials to bring ideas and work to solve problems for the good of ALL the people. Sean A. Thom is ready to stand for these ideals and the truths our forefathers held to be self-evident. Are you?